27 OCTOBER 2023

Zoom Time - Over and Out is a collaborative work co-created and performed by musicians of two inclusive music ensembles: “Acoustronic”, based at Ulster University in Derry and musicians of Queen’s University Belfast based “Performance without Barriers” (PwB) Research Group.

Workshop 14th October

Workshop 14th October

14 October 2023

This was the final workshop before the performance with the Ulster Orchestra on 27 October. At this gathering, there was a rehearsal for the new work.

Workshop 30th September

Workshop 30th September

30 September 2023

The second workshop stirred considerable discussion around the appropriate title for the new work. There was a unanimous agreement that 'Zoom Time' should be part of the title.

Workshop 9th September

Workshop 9th September

09 September 2023

During August and the beginning of September, we held three Zoom calls. From the outset, a clear relationship was established within the group.


Image of Paul Browne
Paul Browne
Triggering live clips through an electronic pad

Taking part makes me feel good and happy

Image of Gary Wylie
Gary Wylie
Virtual Harp and triggering live clips through virtual headset

Playing music has opened up my life. New horizons have appeared for me

Image of Christine Williamson
Christine Williamson
Virtual Harp and triggering live clips through virtual headset

I never thought playing music was possible for me. This has been such a positive experience

Image of Alison Cooley
Alison Cooley
Triggering live clips through an electronic pad

I feel nervous and excited when I play, but I always feel great

Image of John Lynch
John Lynch
Triggering live clips through an electronic pad

In Covid, Zoom Time and music  helped me feel that things were normal

Image of Marie Anderson
Marie Anderson
Triggering live clips through an electronic pad

I feel comfortable and I enjoy it

Image of Jay Hagon
Jay Hagon
Triggering live sounds through With Feel VR

I love watching the music online and I have made it

Image of Mary Louise McCord
Mary Louise McCord
VR Harmonic Hexes

I love performing, it is exciting

Image of James Cunningham
James Cunningham
Accessible Long Cane Instrument [ALCI]

I am so excited to be a small part in such a vast collaboration that foregrounds the voices of disabled people in our communities

The Zoomtime team and performers


Zoom Time - Over and Out is an extension and re-invention of an initial work, entitled Zoom Time that was created during the Covid pandemic and that told the stories of the lives of the musicians during this difficult period. Given the restrictions imposed by lockdowns and social distancing, much of the creative work of Zoom Time was undertaken online using the Zoom platform, hence the title of the original piece. 

Zoom Time - Over and Out is a collaboration between Ulster University (Prof Frank Lyons) and Queen’s University Belfast’s “Performance without Barriers” (PwB) (Prof Franziska Schroeder), enabled through a Future Screens NI/AHRC Demonstrator Funding grant, secured by Prof Paul Moore. 

The work features voice recordings of the musicians, portraying the constantly changing emotions that they experienced during the pandemic, with newly recorded voices that portray life as the musicians experience it now. Layered onto an orchestral score, composed by Prof Frank Lyons, are musical components by the Acoustronic and Performance without Barriers musicians.


These materials were created in online Zoom sessions, during the pandemic and in recent collaborative physical workshops during September and October 2023.

Musicians are using specifically designed new, inclusive, digital musical instruments, including instruments that have been created as Accessible Virtual Reality Musical Instruments (AVRMI) by Damian Mills (PwB); “With Feel VR Instruments” by Dr Lewis Smith (UU), an Accessible Long Cane Instrument (ALCI), created by “PwB” researchers James Cunningham and Dr Alex Lucas, as well as specifically created virtual environments, rendered in UnrealEngine 5 by PwB researcher Leonid Kuzmenko.

Prof Paul Moore has worked with the musicians to create a visual accompaniment to Zoom Time - Over and Out. The film will be shown with additional footage made during our 2023 workshops.